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  • Our Strength As Follows :

    1.Established in 2000 which had rich experience.We have professional skilled workers 

    with under one roof process at our factory

     ( from mold opening to packing the finished goods) 

    2. Low MOQ & Price with efficiency
    3.All our products are Eco Friendly,Nickle & Lead Free. 
    4.All our products can REACH standards,such as BV,SGS,TUV....
    5.We have liaison office in India (Ambur) & Indonesia in order to serve our customer 

    better and faster way.

    6.We have our own plating factory,the color can be diversity,and quality can be strictly controlled.

    7.Provide sample before place order to check the quality.

    Product Description

     Wholesale Zinc Alloy Adjustable Belt Buckle For Strap

    Wholesale Zinc Alloy Adjustable Belt Buckle For Strap

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