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首頁>產品中心> 線扣>25mm 鋅合金D扣
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  • Our Strength as follows :

    1.We have professional skilled workers with under one roof process at our factory

     ( from Mold opening to packing the finished goods) 

    2.All our products are Eco Friendly 

    3.All our products are Nickle & Lead Free 

    4.All our products can REACH standards,such as BV,SGS,TUV....

    5.We have liaison office in India (Ambur) & Indonesia in order to serve our customer better and faster way.

    ItemGunmetal D Buckle 
    MaterialZinc alloy                                                    
    ColorNickle,as your request  
    Sizeas your request
    Logo N/M or upon your request
    TechnologyPainting ,Plating  ,engraved

    Free if in the stock,but freight paid by the buyer


    1. T/T,  Paypal for small order

    2. 30% down payments,70% before delivery for bulk order

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